Pleated fabric neatly into uniform folds adds aesthetic value to the entire window

Care & Cleaning

A quick dusting will suffice for daily cleaning. Roll down your blinds and wipe the fabric with a duster or microfibre cloth. If your vacuum has a brush tool, use the low suction setting to remove surface dust. Doing this regularly will reduce the need for more frequent blind cleaning. For stains & spots apply a mild or diluted, non-abrasive cleaning product to a damp cloth and gently work this into the blind. For optimal results, clean the stain as soon as you notice it. Once the stain is gone, allow your blinds to completely dry before rolling them up.

Product Details

Roller blinds are not only practical, but they can also tie a room together so much better. You can never go wrong with folded roller blinds. They are the advance version of the roller series. The mechanism is same as any other roller blinds, it’s USP being the fabric is pleated such that it appears as folded in patterns to add aesthetic value to your window space. The patterns give that ombre effect of the shade selected making it match your furniture or wall colour.