Wallpaper for wall coverings
Great walls make great rooms. With this thought in mind, Vyoma's new wall covering division is a natural evolution for a company that already offers window covering and flooring to the design community.Wall covering presents an infinite source of inspiration and coordination for walls. From the most sumptuous classic interiors to the minimalism of Avant –grade interiors, Vyoma has a wide range of refined products for all tastes. Vyoma wall coverings create comfort and elegance. They reflect the good taste and refinement to the owner.

Types of Wall Coverings

Woven or non-woven wallpaper is paper with a pattern printed on it. The paper surface may be smooth, or it may be embossed to various depths, either in register with the printed design or to give the paper an overall surface texture. There is an enormous range of designs available more than for any other type of wall covering. It is sold in rolls of a standard size, measuring about 10m long and 530mm wide that is 57 square feet

Paper-backed vinyl consists of a plastic film (usually of polyvinyl chloride, hence the name, although other plastics are sometimes used) into which the printed design is fused, and a paper backing. The surface of the vinyl layer may be smooth or embossed with a variety of textures, which may be randomly arranged, or in register with the printed design. The range of designs available is very large, and there is also considerable variation in the weight of the paper backing. Rolls of paper-backed vinyl are standard-sized and many brands are available ready-pasted.